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Hey I’m Yandry! Thanks for checking out my page! Before you look around let me tell you about myself. I was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in New York, and now settled in Wendell, NC. I’m happily married and have two beautiful kids. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from William Peace University. I’m also a licensed real estate agent in NC. I’ve spent the past few years working in the affordable housing industry helping individuals, couples and families with their money and home. Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering in the community and spending time with my husband, Jovanny, and our two children Manny & Emma. I enjoy hosting dinner parties, dancing, and cooking. I find true joy in giving of my time, energy, and resources to help others.

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My Story

In 2018, I made the decision to leave a toxic work environment, but the aftermath of that decision proved how bad we were doing with our finances. We were living what is considered a “normal” life living paycheck to paycheck and carrying a huge amount of consumer debt. We had enough money to cover the bills and anything extra was put on the credit cards. Once our income changed, we realized we were holding on to a threat and we needed to make some drastic changes to improve our finances. I started searching the internet and reading anything I could find on personal finance.

The first thing that was clear was that we needed to get out of debt. That required us to change our mind set about how we managed our money and take a good look at the behaviors that got us into debt in the first place. We decided to attack our debt with all we had, we made budget cuts, we sold stuff and ultimately, we decided to sell our home. Selling our home allowed us to tackle a big portion for our debt including a car, personal loan, and a few credit cards. After that anything extra went into the remaining debt. Read More

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    This is a 90 minute intensive session where we will cover the ins and outs of your financial life. This includes, income, savings, credit and your current living situation. You will you’ll walk away with a plan that will include specific action items to help you qualify for a mortgage.

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    Explain the value your additional content will bring to a student’s overall learning experience. Use this opportunity to sell potential students on the extra benefits your bonus material provides.

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